Ariana Grande, Doja Cat - motive (audio)


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Official “motive featuring Doja Cat” Lyrics:
Tell me why I get this feeling
That you really wanna turn me on
Tell me why I get this feeling
That you really wanna make me yours
‘Cause I see you trying
Subliminally trying
To see if I’m gon’ be the one that’s in your arms
I admit it’s exciting
Parts of me kinda like it
But before I lead you on
Tell me what’s your motive
What’s your motive
What’s your motive
So tell me what’s your motive
What’s your motive
What’s your motive
I could call bullshit out from a mile away (don’t say)
You want me if you can keep coming back for me
Might have to curve you if you just can’t talk straight (just say)
Say what you mean ‘cause you might get it
‘Cause I see you trying
Subliminally trying
To see if I’m gon’ be the one that’s in your arms
I admit it’s exciting
Parts of me kinda like it
But before I lead you on
Tell me what’s your motive
What’s your motive
What’s your motive
So tell me what’s your motive
What’s your motive
What’s your motive
You treat me like gold baby
Now you wanna spoil me
Did you wanna trophy
Now you wanna sport me baby
Want me on your neck
‘Cause you wanted respect
‘Cause you fightin some war baby
Well I had to bring the fists out
Had to put a wall up
But don’t trust phonies baby
You gotta tell me whats your motive baby
‘Cause you got your candy on your arm
No need to sugarcoat a lie
Say what you want
I needed a real bonafide G
Can you promise me you’ll bring it all tonight
‘Cause I need you to be wise
Tell me everything that’s on your mind c’mon
Tell me what’s your motive
What’s your motive
What’s your motive
So tell me what’s your motive
What’s your motive
What’s your motive

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Music video by Ariana Grande, Doja Cat performing motive (Audio). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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    The background sounds clearly Doja. Sounds so aesthetic

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    the song is perfect wiithout the mashup just shhhh enjoy!!!

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    This song was realesed on my birthday (30th October)!

  • zey

    0:05 this part sounds the same as the beginning of "more than that" by lauren jauregui

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    The way Doja rides this track is so satisfying to listen to

  • Jakob Whale
    Jakob WhaleNapja

    How is she so fast? Doesn't she need a rest? I'm not mad tho, another Ari album let's go!

  • sophia

    promiscuous fits it so well 😔😫😫

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    A música é boa, mas é melhor ainda o mix com "Promiscuous"

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  • Michaela Kalogeraki
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    Not while I’m trying to pronounce subliminally, while singing the lyrics🤦🏾‍♀️ “Sub-lily-min-lily trying”😩 Still love this song tho.💜

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  • diana medeiros
    diana medeiros2 napja

    motive x promiscuous go look for it, you won't regret

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